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And major change is indeed afoot. “How do we jointly learn about this new reality? I feel there is a real willingness to do that,” said Einecke. “It’s going to require radical collaboration,” added Gentzel, who also said that, at least from the publisher’s point of view, “we’ve ceded first-party data, and we need to reclaim that.” In terms of macro shifts in the media space, Gentzel noted that “all of media is embracing much more of an engineer mentality” and that the speed and focus on product, which is so central to Silicon Valley innovation, needs to be adopted by media and marketing in order to keep pace with change. “We need to get really geeky about product that drives usage and overall satisfaction.” "We try to be roughly right rather than precisely wrong."—Martin Cass, CEO, MDC Media Partners and Assembly The discussion, led by Adweek editor Lisa Granatstein, focused on both the challenges and opportunities facing marketers and publishers. One of those pain points is GDPR and the pending California ballot on consumer privacy. In the face of privacy regulations, we are “putting our readers at the center, and I feel that GDPR will start to drive a more thoughtful experience between media and its users,” said Gentzel. “You can no longer reap tons of information off their vapor trail anymore,” said Cass. Still, opportunities exist for brands that are willing to embrace change and the vast organizational shifts that have to happen within companies facing transformations in the data economy. “We are doing more work in marketing than we have ever done before,” said Field, who added that with more data and signal driving insights, we are able to “connect more meaningfully at scale with consumers.” “Where is it and how on earth can I get it into one place and turn it into something useful.

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